stonefox ranch


We began our project of creating this very picturesque and tranquil Horse Breeding and Natural Horse.Man.Ship Training Facility in 2005.

It has been carved out of a wilderness of virgin Valley countryside, mountains and nearly 1 klm of creek frontage. Slowly but surely it is coming together and now is what we have called “StoneFox Ranch”

We are in the process of setting up the recreational facilities towards assisting everyone and especially Pure Parelli Students reach their levels goals on the way up the Horsemanship ladder with their horses.

Our Horses have been selected for their Temperments and Athleticism.

Collectively we use Paint, TB, Quarter Horses and Warmbloods in our breeding program in our attempt on producing perfection all round.

We sell our youngsters started by Julianne with a strong foundation of Parelli Natural Horsemanship. They leave with great play ethics and are ready and willing to learn in harmony.  



services include:

private tuition
Colt Starting
Problem solving
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            john and Julianne tetlow

Music by Mary Ann Kennedy